Tesla Model S - Still A Touch Pricey To Own In Moscow

Tesla Model S - Still A Touch Pricey To Own In Moscow

Not so long ago we brought you the story of the first Tesla Model S to be bought brought into China.  The cost to not wait for Tesla to officially come to that country?

First Tesla Model S Arrived In China In October (via Sina Weibo)

First Tesla Model S Arrived In China In October (via Sina Weibo)


Now we have the case of the apparent first Model S to hit the streets of Moscow - also ahead of any official release by Tesla.

This particular Tesla Model S, a 85 kWh Performance edition, was bought over the summer by Sergei Filonov, who vice president of Crowdage Academy, according to a report by Афиша-Воздуx (yes, we did have to go searching for special characters to write that, and no we don't know what it means).  The cost to bring the Model S to Russia?


According to the owner, that number was arrived at by spending $109,000 for the car itself (you can just throw away that $7,500 US federal credit), plus $25,000 for "transportation by airplane", and $60,000 at customs.  Naturally, Mr. Filonov is delighted to pay the duty:

"It's a shame, of course, that custom takes almost as much as the people who make this car.  The State did not think to build factories and run sophisticated technology - why, when you can just rob people at the entrance."

Although the translation from Russian to English is far from perfect, it appears Mr. Filonov has the ability to charge overnight at 12 kW, giving him a full charge when he leaves his residence every morning.  The owner says that a full charge overnight costs him about 68 rubles...or a little more than $2.00 USD.

Other points of interest in the interview - Sergei says he considered a Fisker Karma, but was concerned about fire issues for conventional cars.  The 3G network only worked in the US, and he seems to be having some trouble with getting the updates installed in his car.  The locals also apparently offer to race the Model S often at traffic lights, and while he declines invitations from Ferraris, he does engage occasionally.

"...With Ferrari, I do not really craving. But Brabus 7.3 Biturbo I did with a traffic light.  Man was terribly disappointed: he roars like a rocket car, and I quietly went ahead and spoiled his mood."

Check out the entire article and pictures here, or with the aid of Google Translate here(Hat tip to Anders!)

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