A few weeks ago, the Washington Examiner published an article titled "Chevy Volt Doesn't Make 2014 List of Fuel Economy Leaders."

In the opening lines, the article states:

"Another blow for the Chevy Volt."

"The Department of Energy released its 2014 fuel economy guide, complete with a list of fuel economy leaders, and yet again, the Volt didn't make the list."

"In fact, the Volt — a compact car — doesn’t even perform as well by most metrics as some midsize plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, according to the guide."

The guide that the Washington Examiner is referring to is the one we posted on in early December where the Chevy Spark EV topped the list (see image above).

That guide, officially called the 2014 Model Year Fuel Economy Guide, puts the Chevy Volt in the #7 spot overall on the top 10 list.

What is happening here is that the Washington Examiner is making it seem that because the Chevrolet Volt did not finish in the absolute pinnacle position in its class (Compact car), behind only the Ford Focus Electric, that the Volt is a failure.  By confusing the reader with the words "list" and "leader" in the same sentence, the article is not allowing anyone who reads it to truly understand the Chevy's position in the market.

At no point in the article is it said that the Volt is actually the 2nd best car in its class, or 7th best overall.  Or that it is the most efficient extended range car on the market today.  We think if it did, the article would surely undermine the author's position, and credibility.

After reading the article ourselves, we think the average reader not familiar with the plug-in Chevy would come away with a very misconstrued reality of what the Chevrolet Volt can do, and where it "ranks" in the eyes of the EPA as compared to other cars on the road...and we think that is mighty unfair.

*Notes: The 2014 Top 10 Most Efficient Vehicles are posted via the image at the top of this article.  Additionally, you can follow this link to check out the official Top 10 guide for yourself or this link for access to the Model Year 2014 guide in its entirety in PDF form.

Source of report: Washington Examiner  (updated - 12/20/2013 8:30p)

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