EV West recently wheeled out its electric BMW M3 at the SoCal Euro Gathering in San Diego.

We think it was the goal of EV West to obliterate the competition in the 1/8 mile drag race.  It must've been the goal, because that's what the electric M3 did.

With 850 pound-feet of torque (at 600 RPMs) and 342 horsepower, no vehicle stood a chance against the electric M3 in the 1/8-mile dash.  Not even the Tesla Model S.

Beating the Model S wasn't what EV West set out to do.  It just so happened that the Tesla showed up.  EV West was out there proving a point: EVs can whip ICE at the track.  And that's what EV West did.  ICE after ICE fall victim to the EV West M3, then that Model S rolls up...

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