Eaton recently announced that it raised the bar for the EV charging infrastructure by introducing its 1 MW DC HyperCharger for electric vehicles.

Of course, this is not designed for passengers cars, but rather for heavy duty electric vehicles like buses.

Proterra EcoRide BE35

Proterra EcoRide BE35

According to press release, the first HyperCharger units are already being used - we believe that by Proterra electric bus fleets:

"Designed to charge the world’s largest fleets of electric buses, the on-route charger was recently installed in several cities, including Tallahassee, Fla., Worchester, Mass. and Stockton, Calif."

Eaton added that it achieved the highest energy density in its class and that:

"On a recent demonstration route, the HyperCharger recorded an average of eight charges and 240 miles per day utilizing 100 percent on–route charging."

The power of HyperCharger is scalable from 200 kW to 1 MW, so customers can order the unit with the right power for their needs.

Michael Dadian, product line manager, Electrical Transportation Infrastructure, Eaton statedd:

“Eaton has a long history of developing electrical and hybrid power systems for trucks and busses. Our new HyperCharger is the latest example Eaton’s leadership in building a charging infrastructure across North America and helping to set the stage for mass adoption of EVs.”

* We sent an email out to Eaton for more images of this HyperCharger.  The company promises us it will send images soon.  When/if Eaton does, we'll update this post.

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