Film-type lithium-ion batteries

Film-type lithium-ion batteries

Earlier this month, Sekisui Chemical Co. announced that it developed a new film-type lithium-ion cells that has three times higher capacity. Sadly, the reference is given as just "compared to other Sekisui Chemical products" without any actual number. The same thing applies to Sekisui's claim that  it sped up production by 10 times.

Sekisui Chemical has carried out materials technology and process technology development towards realizing the following:

(1) High lithium-ion conductivity (approx. ten times compared to other Sekisui Chemical products) / enhanced safety by using high-performance gel-type electrolyte*1

(2) Enhanced capacity by using high-capacity silicon negative-electrode material

(3) Enhanced productivity (approx. ten times compared to other Sekisui Chemical products) by using a coating process utilizing gel-type electrolyte

We are extremely interested in 2- or 3-times more battery capacity, but such announcements without real data are common, which makes us believe there's no real progress made here.

The only number that we could find is "900Wh/L," but this figure seems far less important than gravimetric density, which we hope to see hit 300 Wh/kg sometime soon.

Sekisui Chemical Co. adds that it's "aiming at quickly realizing products for a variety of uses, including electric vehicles" and after improvements, it will begin the provision of samples from around summer 2014.

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