Model S battery pack

Model S battery pack

Tesla Motors recently Tweeted that:

"Our owner base is now driving in excess of 700,000 miles per day in over 20 countries."

The question is what can we extract from this information?

Tesla to date delivered over 20,000 vehicles, but we believe it's still less than 25,000 even with Roadsters. This works out to ~30 miles a day and 900 miles a month on average then.

900 miles a month for a vehicle that has real world range of well over 200 miles (85 kWh version) is equivalent to full charging 4-5 times a month. This basically means that range anxiety doesn't exist. Tesla owners just don't drive enough to have to worry about range problems - at least the average owner doesn't. Of course, long journeys still need the Supercharging infrastructure.

The second thought is that the longer range for Tesla vehicles just isn't needed. Tesla Motors already stated it thinks that 85 kWh is enough and have noted that it didn't utilize the full battery pack space. With - let's say - 100 kWh. the Model S car would just be pricier, heavier and with slower acceleration. The truth is that another 50 miles of range for the Model S isn't as important as an additional 50 miles of range for the vast group of 70-mile EVs out there.

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