CBS Pittsburgh recently ran report on electric vehicles with these opening lines:

Where's the Fuel Go? I Forget

Where's the Fuel Go? I Forget

Have you ever considered an electric car?

Fact is, for most of us, the world of electric cars is like a foreign language, but there’s nothing foreign about this.

“Right now, I think I’m getting like 600 miles a gallon,” says Perry Kravec.

Kravec is the proud owner of a Chevy Volt and he's not alone in reporting 600 miles per gallon or even more.

Kravec then states this:

“It’s telling me it’s using 70 cents a day, is what it’s costing me.  In electricity, that’s what it costs per day.”

“I bought it last December, and I haven’t put any gas in it."

If Kravec's story was the exception and not the rule for Volt owners then there'd be no point in reporting on it.  But we've now heard hundreds of stories similar to Kravec's and with each one comes further proof that for most, the Volt is as close to being pure electric as it gets without actually owning a BEV.

This isn't a "I love my Volt" post though.  Rather, it's more or less confirmation of what we know to be true: Plug-ins typically consume little to no fuel and save you tons of money.

But are they fun to drive?

As Kravec says:

" hit 90 miles per hour so easy, it was scary."

Kravec had a rather embarrassing moment in the Volt though we he forgot where the gas cap was located and thus had difficult fueling to vehicle.

How much you want to bet that owners of gas-chugging SUVs are so familiar with their gas cap location and operation that they could fuel the vehicle blindfolded?

Source: CBS Pittsburgh

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