As the wintry weather rolls in, concerns over lack of EV range start to constantly pop up.

Tesla Model S Trip Route

Tesla Model S Trip Route

In this video, you'll see a Model S owner in Norway "attempting to drive 375 km/225 mi on a single charge, in Norwegian winter conditions."

We're not going to spoil the video for you by posting the result, but we will say that a kitten, a flat panel TV and some additional belongings burdened the Model S with additional weight during the journey.  Did the added weight make the trip impossible?  Watch the video to find out.


 *Bonus video below.  Here you'll see the same Model S owner attempt his first road trip, which is described as follows:

"My very first road trip with my brand new Tesla Model S P85 Multicoat Red. The trip from Oslo to Trondheim is 535 km and has a max elevation of 1026 m. This puts the Model S on a real winter test."

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