*A word of warning, this video contains some NSFW language. 

I bet the first time you saw the Model S door handles you thought, "wow, that's slick!" I further bet you never thought you'd see a college kid care for a door handle so much that he'd add it to his home-brewed kegerator. Am I right?

Yet here we are.

I wonder if it was an electrical engineering student that drafted up this idea? And I bet all his friends volunteered to help with the testing!  From what I can see in the video they did quite a bit of testing, as the prototype seems to work great! The door handle operates identically to the handle on the Model S. That is to say that, it "presents itself" when you get near, and it electrically activates a switch once you pull at the inside of the handle.

I fully expect to see this implemented at a Silicon Valley bar sometime in the next few months. Heck, why not add this as key feature to the "Tesla Model S Desk" why you're at it?

At any rate, these college kids have proved that engineering, hacking and beer drinking are alive and well on our campuses, just as we'd suspected.

Source: GM-Volt

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