In this latest Motley Fool video, the topic up for discussion is solar.

As the analyst says, solar electric vehicles will really start to take off in 2014, hence the titled of "Electric Vehicles Will See Sunny Days in 2014."

By this, the analysts means that solar-charged electric vehicles will become increasingly common and that more plug-ins will begin to feature photovoltaic cells on their exteriors.

We've seen proof of this now from VIA Motors, the automaker who recently showed off its solar tonneau cover, and even more recently with Ford on the C-Max Energi solar concept, so perhaps Motley Fool is on to something here.

It's our belief that as the price of photovoltaics drop, solar will rapidly become the method of choice for charging EVs.  Perhaps that won't happen as early as 2014, but the EV future will "see sunny days" soon.

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