VW e-Up!

VW e-Up!

At last, over 90 electric cars were sold in Denmark last month.  With the total automotive market there at 15,896 sales last month, plug-ins accounted for 0.6% of the market.

The leader was the Nissan LEAF, which had 37 registrations in November and 190 YTD.

In second was the Tesla Model S with 32 in November and 79 YTD.

However, the biggest surprise was the Renault ZOE.  Just 6 units were sold in November, when Volkswagen e-up! had its first 16 (alongside 900 ICE up!).

We don't see any BMW i3 sales in Denmark yet, but one Opel Ampera plug-in hybrid and one Renault Twizy were sold there during last month.

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