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smart ed

November was the second strongest month ever for EV sales in Germany with 757 battery-electric cars sold and 152 plug-in hybrids.

This brings some mixed feelings because we have some new models like the BMW i3, VW e-up! and Tesla Model S on the market, so we expected to see a new high, but that didn't happen.

Sadly, we're finding it increasingly difficult to figure out who's selling the bulk of these EVs in Germany.

VW e-U! in Tokyo

VW e-U! in Tokyo

Here's data that we were able to find in our first attempt (hopefully some of our faithful readers can assist us in filling in the blanks):

Model - November / YTD

BMW i3 - 121 / 469

Renault ZOE - 114 / 947

Nissan LEAF - 44 / 805

Opel Ampera - 17 / 318

Chevrolet Volt - 4 / 25

Citroen C-Zero - 4 / 276

Mitsubishi i-MiEV - 1 / 89

Peugeot iOn - 1 / 41

Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

Total: 285 EVs and 21 PHEVs

We know that three vehicles - smart fortwo electric drive, VW e-up! and Tesla Model S probably grabbed most of remaining 472 sales (but we don't have precise figures). The other question is who accounted for the missing 131 PHEVs?

After the first 11 months of 2013, Germany has seen 5,606 new electric cars registered and 1,233 plug-in hybrids.

Source: KBE

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