BYD ebus

BYD ebus

BYD announced that Sao Paulo Transit (SPTrans) ordered two battery-electric buses, which will be delivered in March 2014.

These electric vehicles will join 20 ICE buses currently operating on Line 509M in Sao Paulo, Brazil, where SPTrans has a fleet of over 16,000 buses (a lot to electrify eventually).

According to BYD, the pilot program proved that the BYD electric bus was effective on over 80% of routes currently in operation and has an average range of 250 km (155 miles).

João Carlos Fagundes, SP Transit Engineering Division Manager stated:

"Our tests were designed to demonstrate the performance of the e-bus running on the streets of Sao Paulo, such as its braking performance and so on. The electric bus was filled with a weight equivalent to a full load of passengers and run on bus lanes and other designed lines in Sao Paulo,”

SOURCE: BYD Company Ltd via BusinessWire

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