EV Connecticut Banner

EV Connecticut Banner

The funding for these chargers come from grants secured in an unusual way.

Last year, regulators in the state of Connecticut approved the merger of Northeast Utilities and Massachusett's utility NStar.  As part of the approval process, the state of Connecticut received $135,946 in grants.  Those grants will be used to partially fund the purchase and install of 56 public charging stations.

Grant recipients will get between $1,000 and $5,000 to cover part of the cost of the charger and/or install.  The state has decided to use the monies for this purpose in an attempt to encourage the purchase of electric vehicles.

According to Governor Dannel Malloy:

"Our goal is a network of charging stations that allows anyone driving an electric vehicle to travel anywhere in our state with total confidence that they will be able to recharge their car battery when necessary."

Commissioner Daniel C. Esty of Connecticut's Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, states:

"The growing use of electric vehicles offers the promise of cutting costs for motorists but also improving our environment and public health."

Source: The Courant

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