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Okay, maybe 250 MPH miles is a bit of a stretch, but how does 248.548 MPH miles sound?

*Forget the speed references throughout.  This is a miles-of-range target set by Renault and LG Chem.   See update below.

LG Chem Lithium-Ion Polymer Battery Cells

LG Chem Lithium-Ion Polymer Battery Cells

That's the target set forth by Renault and LG Chem in the latest hand-shake agreement between the French automaker and the Korean battery manufacturer.

Not satisfied with the top speed of today's electric vehicles, Renault and LG Chem will look for ways to take today's 125-MPH mile electric and make nearly 250 MPH miles a reality.

According to The Korea Times, here's how the deal will go down:

 "The two outfits are thinking of developing an electric vehicle that can travel at a speed of 400 kilometers per hour (kph), President Park Geun-hye’s top economic aide Cho Won-dong said Monday."

"Cho said that in developing the high-speed range electric vehicle, ion-lithium batteries are one of the most significant components ― the reason why LG Chem’s cooperation is important from Renault ‘s perspective."

As Cho stated at a press conference:

Twizy F1 - Imagine If This Could Go 250 miles

Twizy F1 - Imagine If This Could Go 250 miles

“Currently, the top speed range of the electric vehicle is around 200kph km. That is good but is not enough. Hence, Renault and LG Chem are currently talking about doubling the maximum speed range. "

“They will not sign a memorandum of understanding this time but they agreed in principle in the collaboration and talks are now underway to iron out the differences in details.”

Those details are non-existent right now, but we believe the 250-MPH mile goal of Renault and LG Chem is to showcase what can be done with the technology.  We don't suspect that a production electric capable of these extraordinary speeds is part of the plan.

Update: It's been brought to our attention that The Korea Times incorrectly reported that the target was in km/h.  The actual target, as outlined by Renault and LG Chem, is a range target of km.  So, 400 km or ~ 250 miles of range is what Renault and LG Chem are shooting for.  We've updated this post throughout to reflect that change.

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Source: The Korea Times


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