Will Chevrolet ever expand the availability of the Spark EV in the US?

Chevy Spark EV

Chevy Spark EV

Once again, the answer to that often asked question seems to be "no."

John Calabrese, General Motors' global vehicle engineering chief says that its tough to make a business case for the Spark EV.  According to Calabrese, "Range anxiety is a problem" and it's apparently so big an issue that GM is unwilling to offer the Spark EV outside of California and Oregon.

It seems to us as though GM is trying to find every excuse possible for not selling the Spark EV nationwide when the fact of the matter is that General Motors simply has no interest in doing so.

Last month, GM sold 66 Spark EVs.  While the figure is definitely low, GM basically provides its US dealers (in Oregon in California) with virtually no inventory to work with.

The Spark EV is currently on sale in South Korea and we believe it to be offered nationwide there.

Soon, the Spark EV will go on sale to fleets in Canada.

The Spark EV is not available in Europe and it seems it will never be offered there.

So, if you're waiting for the Spark EV to arrive in a state that's neither Oregon nor California, then you may as well pick out another EV you'd like to buy.


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