German publication AutoBild recently review the Mercedes-Benz B Class Electric Drive.

Some Basic B Class ED Specs

Some Basic B Class ED Specs

Unfortunately, the German auto magazines posts in a language called German, which means that most of what's mentioned is lost on us.

We do, however, have the ability to loosely translate (thanks Google!) some of what's mentioned.

So, here are the takeaway points:

  • Battery pack hidden under floorboard of vehicle
  • Tesla supplies electric motor, battery pack and other crucial electric-drive components
  • Fascia differs slightly from standard B Class
  • Rest of appearance is nearly identical to conventional B Class
  • It's quick (o to 62 mph in 7.9 second)
  • Top speed is 99 mph
  • Three regenerative braking levels
The B Class Electric Drive will launch first in the US (for once, we get greatness before the Europeans) in 2014.  We expect the B Class ED to be priced to compete with the BMW i3 (mid- to upper $40,000 range).

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