It's official.  With 2,022 Chevy Volts sold in October, US sales of the extended range Chevy have now surpassed the 50,000-unit milestone.

Chevy Volt

Chevy Volt

Our scorecard puts US Volt sales at a cumulative mark of 50,240, as of the end of October.

The Volt officially launched in the US way back in December 2010.  Only 326 units were sold that first month, but sales started heating up for the Volt by the end of 2011.

Sales in late 2011 exceeded 1,000 units in a single month for the first time (October 2011 - 1,108 units sold) in Volt history.

2012 saw Volt sales really take off with the 2,000-unit mark being surpassed for the first time by any plug-in vehicle in a single month in March (2,289).

Then, in 2013, Volt sales knocked down one more milestone by eclipsing the 3,000-unit mark and becoming the first plug-in ever to post sales in excess of 3,000 in a single month (3,351 August 2013).

So, this 50,000-unit milestone becomes one more in the books for the Chevy Volt.

There will be more milestones set by the Chevy Volt.  That we guarantee.

Note: Our unofficial tally of worldwide Chevy Volt + Ampera sales is at 61,000-plus units.  So, if you're looking for one more milestone, then we could say that Voltec sales now exceed 60,000 units!!!

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