Nissan LEAF in Norway sets another record

Nissan LEAF in Norway sets another record

It seems that the Nissan LEAF took revenge on the Tesla Model S's September win in Norway by taking the #1 spot in October.

Nissan set a whole bunch of records by delivering 716 LEAFs, which is the LEAF's highest sales results to date in Norway and the highest ever market share at 5.6%.

Nissan LEAF crushed September's Tesla record of 616 electric deliveries.

Trailing behind the LEAF in October was the Toyota Auris in second place with 679 sales and in third was the Volkswagen Golf with 646.

Moreover, the LEAF grabbed two-thirds of the 1,075 Nissan passenger cars sold in Norway.  The LEAF's YTD tally in Norway now stands at 3,755.

On the other hand, we have the Model S that fell to 98 copies sold in October and 0.8% market share, far behind the LEAF and for sure outside of the Top 20.

These two EVs accounts for 814 of the 925 new passenger EV registrations. Last month, EV sales in Norway doubled from 3.4% to 7.2% market share. YTD numbers are now 5,175 vs. 3,404 last year.

310 additional electric cars were imported as used, so we see a total of 1,235 passenger EVs last month.

Hopefully, Tesla will send another ship loaded with Model S sedans to Norway soon so that the country can break 10% EV market share mark next month.

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