Chevrolet Volt Sales Improve Over November 2012's Result

Chevrolet Volt Sales Improve Over November 2012's Result

Prior to November's result, the past 3 months sales of the Chevrolet Volt have really been all over the place, and we imagine GM would really like the Volt to find a more steady and predictable groove:

  • August 2013 - 3,351

  • September 2013 - 1,766
  • October 2013 - 2,022
Now we can report that in November Chevrolet sold 1,920 Volts.  So maybe this 2,000ish level is where the extended range Chevy is going to live for awhile.

Previously in November 2012, only 1,519 cars where sold, making 2013's result a 26.4% improvement.  (Note: there was five weekend selling dates in November's result this year)

Overall for 2013 20,702 Volts have been sold thus far, as compared to 20,828 at this point last year, good for a small decline of .6%

As we speculated in last month's Chevy Volt recap, production out of the General at their Hamtramck, Michigan facility has been continued to be fairly underwhelming.   A national inventory that entered the summer boasting over 10,000 current model year Volts (which at the time were 2013s), has sunk to little more than 2,000 2014s, with about 1,500 2013s remaining.

Chevrolet needs to sell 2,759 Volts next month to avoid being the first plug-in vehicle to report lower year-over-year sales since the "next generation" of plug-ins hit the market in 2010.  In 2012, 23,461 cars were sold.   (Toyota is also in a similar situation with little Prius PHV inventory available to sell)

Chevrolet Volt Get A

Chevrolet Volt Get A "Solar Charge" Outside GM's Hamtramck Facility

Now with the high-margin Cadillac ELR (full specs & pricing here) in production, and running down the same line as the Volt, and along with a holiday shutdown to contend with, GM is not in a position to dig themselves out of this hole anytime soon - which is a shame because traditionally the last month of the year is spurred on by the "tax implications" of the federal $7,500 credit for buyers of plug-in vehicles.

Having more inventory in February will have little effect on those buyers wanted to see their credits on their 2013 return.

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