Sometimes automakers are so dramatic about the smallest of things, and sometimes you practically miss a bombshell within a whole pile of technical specs.

Volkswagen's presentation last week at the LA Auto Show undersold a breakthrough feature, that only us EV nerds get excited about.

The video below details all you'd want to know about what VW has been working on, and what it will be working on bringing to market in the next year or two. VW calls on us to "Think Blue" when thinking of their green initiatives.

We promise the car is more exciting than the name!

We promise the car is more exciting than the name!

One of the most promising projects is the e-Golf hatchback that is nearly ready to unplug from the factory and enter the mean streets of L.A..  But it's what you don't see is what sets this vehicle apart from the herd. And by herd we mean existing, conventional ICE platforms, reconfigured to work as EV's (Ford Fusion, Ford Focus Electric, Chevrolet Volt,  Chevrolet Spark EV and the Fiat 500e.)

So, what magic has VW accomplished that no automaker before has managed? Zero intrusion EV packaging in a conventional platform. Somehow they stuffed 24.2 kWh of lithium ion batteries under the body and all the other do-dads under the hood. In fact, with the vehicle shut off, I bet your mom (or your boss) can't tell it apart from a "regular Golf." Come to think of it, that might be a bad thing.  Only time will tell.

The dash looks nearly the same, the conventional shifter is there, the grill looks the same and it's just a plain ol' hatchback. From the outside, the only tip off I see are the special wheels and couple  little "e-badges." Is it possible the platform was just that good? Our hope is that the car needed very little re-work to become the car you saw at the LA Auto Show last week.

You'll also like the Cross Blue Concept Coupe, but I won't spoil the details of that one for ya.  Take a look

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