There Will Be No

There Will Be No "i" SUV

i3 Logo

i3 Logo

BMW will put into production a plug-in SUV in the near future...mark our words on that one.

But it won't bear the "i" badge.

BMW has confirmed that "i" and SUV don't mix.

In talking to Car Advice, BMW i3 project manager, Roland Kowalski, stated:

“We’re not thinking about SUV on i models. For BMW i we are talking about an urban concept for megacities."

“The thing with the SUVs is nobody, more than 90 per cent, needs four-wheel drive for the city. The SUV trend is only a thing about the space or the roominess."

“We think with i3 you also have a lot of space.”

So, when a plug-in SUV comes from BMW, don't expect it to wear the "i."

As for the future of "i," BMW says it's possible that all "i" numbers will be utilized.  Meaning at some point in time there may well be an i1, i2, i3, i4, i5, i6, i7, i8.  Or, in other words, lots of "i"s.

Source: Car Advice

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