Colibri EV

Colibri EV

Revealed at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show, the Colibri EV by Innovative Mobility is now confirmed to be bound for production.

Innovative Mobility claims to have already logged 700 orders for its tiny one-seat electric city car, with half of those order coming from the general public and the other half from businesses and governments for fleet use.

Innovative Mobility, a German manufacturer, says that Colibri appeals specifically to inner-city commuters and businesses located in urban environments.

Colibri features a 24 kW electric motor and boast a range of up to 68 miles.  0 to 62 mph in accomplished in less than 10 second and top speed is listed at 75 mph.  Colibri weighs in at only 970 pounds.

The lithium-iron phosphate battery pack of undisclosed capacity (rumors say 6.3-kWh) can be charged to 80 percent in 20 minutes.

As for price, the Colibri is darn cheap.  When it enters production in late 2015 (that's a delay of one year from the late 2014 launch previously promised by Innovative Mobility), buyers will be able to purchase a Colibri for €8900 ($12,060 US) plus a €55 ($75 US) monthly battery lease.

This vehicle will not be sold in the US.

Innovative Mobility plans to manufacturer 17,000 Colibris per year, though were doubtful there exists that amount of buyers for the tiny one-seater.

Almost forgot...Innovative Mobility is seeking additional investors so that it can move Colibiri into the production stage.  Aren't we all seeking investors?

Source: Autocar

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