The Chevrolet Volt is a marvelous machine.

It's the EREV that's proven that, even with a gas engine on board, most miles can and, often are, driven electrically.

What are the Volt's weaknesses? ain't a drag racer, but aside from that, we find it difficult to come up with any significant flaws with the Volt.

Or is it a drag racer?

At a recent charity event at the Atlanta Dragway, a Chevy Volt ripped down the quarter-mile track with these results:

  • 16.697 @ 83.72
  • 60-foot time of 2.703 seconds
Not too shabby.

It's worth pointing out that this run was accomplish with the Chevy Volt in "Hold Mode" and with traction control set to "off."

More important than the posted time was the charity aspect of this event.  All proceeds went to the local community and to raise funds for Forsyth County Georgia Humane Society, which is a "No Kill" animal shelter.

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