Nissan LEAF Leads the Sales Charge in the UK

Nissan LEAF Leads the Sales Charge in the UK

According to the results of a survey conducted by AutoTrader, residents of the UK show no love for plug-in vehicles.

Vauxhall Ampera Sales Are Incredibly Low in UK

Vauxhall Ampera Sales Are Incredibly Low in UK

The findings suggest a lack of education really, but that seems to be the case elsewhere around the globe, too.

In the UK, more than 33% of those survey had no clue that the government offers a £5,000 Plug In Car Grant.

Furthermore, most respondents cited a lacking charging infrastructure as a reason to not buy a plug-in.  Aside from the UK's adequate public charging infrastructure, every home in the UK has a plug if we're not mistaken, so the infrastructure is there.

This survey response though shows ignorance all around.  CO2 emissions were listed by most respondents as one of the least pressing concerns when buying a new vehicle.  Put a different way, new car buyers in the UK don't care how much CO2 their vehicle emits.

Then there's price.  Most respondents stated the plug-in vehicles cost too much, which may well be true if you don't examine the savings on "fuel" and if you ignore the UK's Plug In Car Grant, the later of which we already know 1/3 of those surveyed do ignore it since they don't even know it exists.

AutoTrader group marketing director, Jonathan Williams, had this to say of the results:

"Put simply, going green is not currently an attractive package. UK motorists are being asked to make huge compromises on aesthetics and the investment of their time finding and charging their vehicle. It's no wonder why, on top of all of these factors, a higher upfront purchase price is too much of an ask."


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