Awhile back, automaker Volkswagen stated that Germany's goal of getting 1 million electrified vehicles on its roads by 2020 was achievable.  VW added that it would do its part to make the goal become reality.

BMW i8

BMW i8

There's no way that VW alone can get Germany to that lofty mark.

In steps BMW.

We do find it odd that BMW waited for VW's announcement before committing itself, but at least there are now two German automakers who believe 1 million by 2020 is possible.

While speaking in Munich, BMW CEO, Norbert Reithofer, confirmed that BMW is full  committed to electric vehicles and that it'll do it part to contribute to the nation's goal.

However, the German government, along with the EU, needs to get its act together, too.  Quoting Reithofer:

"I hope the ongoing discussions between national governments, the European Parliament and the European Commission lead to a package that’s viable.  At the moment, the commission’s proposals don’t offer incentives to speed up introduction of alternative drives."

Source: Bloomberg

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