On November 7, Nissan will formally unveil the next-generation Qashqai.

Qashqai Teaser

Qashqai Teaser

Ahead of that unveiling, Nissan released the two teaser images seen here.

With previous hints that the next-gen Qashqai could go electric, we figured why not take what we already know, combine it with this teaser and some accompanying Nissan quotes, and then make the case for the plug-in Qashqai?

Here goes...

A couple of weeks ago, Nissan's European sales and marketing boss, Guillaume Cartier, told Autocar that an electric Qashqai is, “for now,” not in the worksWhen prodded, Cartier didn't rule out the possibility of an electric Qashqai in the future.

But that's not all.

Nissan released a few words to accompany the teaser images:

"Redefine the crossover sector and set new standards across the board."

48 kWh Nissan LEAF at ECOseries - Why Not Drop This Pack in the Qashqai?

48 kWh Nissan LEAF at ECOseries - Why Not Drop This Pack in the Qashqai?

"The most significant car in its modern history."

Isn't it the LEAF that's considered to be Nissan's "most significant car" today?

Of course, an electric Qashqai wouldn't be a stretch.  Qashqai EV taxis have been in use for some time now, but those are fleet-only, converted vehicles.

We're looking for a mass-production electric crossover and, even though the Qashqai isn't sold in the US, the next-gen Roque will be.  That Rogue will utilize the same underpinnings as the Qashqai, which suggests that if the Qashqai goes electric, then so too will the Rogue.

Are we reaching too far?  Perhaps, but Nissan's underlying goal is electric domination and that won't come unless it continues to roll out new, exciting electric models.

Fingers crossed on this one...

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