Our official scorecard puts the number of plug-ins sold in the US (modern era - 2008 on) at 152,067 through the end of October, but Plug In America tracks sales too and the figure it puts out is quickly closing in on 160,000.

Back in May, Plug In America announced that US plug-in sales had crested 100,000.

Plug In America's Counter

Plug In America's Counter

Now, some 6 months or so later, that figure is pushing 160,000.

So, the 6-month growth rate averages out to the US adding almost 10,000 plug-ins to its roads every month.

One things for certain.  When we report tomorrow on plug-in vehicle sales for November, that 160,000-unit mark will be easily surpassed.  Onwards to 1 million we go.

Source: Plug In America

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