Honda Fit EV

Honda Fit EV

At the 20th ITS World Congress Tokyo 2013, Honda presented some new technologies for an accident-free society.

One of them - Automatic Valet Parking - was shown on a Fit EV, which according to Honda is using a low-cost on-vehicle system, without any additional sensors.

The Fit EV can drive automatically by wirelessly downloading data about its environment from cameras installed at a parking facility, which supplement the Fit EV's rear-view-camera data.

In this way, vehicles could park themselves or go to a drop-off point for the drive.

Automatic Valet Parking

"Using this system, a vehicle fitted with a Wi-Fi system and ordinary rear-view-camera, will automatically drive from the drop-off point of the parking facility to an available spot and park itself. When the driver is ready to leave, the vehicle is called for and will automatically drive itself to the pick-up area. The system utilizes wireless communication between the vehicle and a series of cameras placed in the four corners of the parking facility. No special sensor needs to be fitted to the vehicle. The Automatic Valet Parking System is designed to realize safe and efficient parking of multiple vehicles. It could be used to enhance the shopping experience for customers at a large shopping center or to support well-organized and safe parking in large parking lots."

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