A few days ago, the guys over after Jalopnik compiled a list of "Five Cars That'll Force Thieves to Think Twice."

2013 Toyota Scion iQ - Even Fully Charged, This EV Won't Go Far

2013 Toyota Scion iQ - Even Fully Charged, This EV Won't Go Far

Included on that list was "Any Electric Car That's Not a Tesla."

At first glance, we thought this was one more knock on electrics.  In a way, it is, but turning a negative into a positive is rather easy in this instance.

Here's what Jalopnik says:

"For once, range anxiety is a good thing. Steal a Nissan Leaf or Mitsubishi i-MIEV and there's no telling how much charge is left in the battery. At full throttle, which significantly depletes the charge, a thief cannot get far, especially if a police chase ensues. But even recharging the cars takes a while, unlike filling up with gas."

"However, if a thief does steal an EV, he or she will learn very quickly that parts are difficult to sell, largely because there's little demand for them. The (heavy) battery may be worth something, but good luck attempting to get it off the car and then selling it. On the bright side, electric car owners are next to guaranteed that their cars won't be swiped (unless it's a Tesla)."

As we'll soon show you, stealing a Tesla Model S is darn near impossible.  So, basically, if you own a pure electric vehicle, there's little reason to worry about it becoming a target for thieves.

+1 for BEVs.

Source: Jalopnik

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