For those who reside in either apartments or condominiums, charging a plug-in vehicle can often prove challenging.

It's Possible...But Not Always Easy

It's Possible...But Not Always Easy

A recent article suggests that nearly one-third of San Diego County resident live in multi-family units where charging is not possible or chargers are rarely available.

As UT San Diego says:

"The California Energy Commission is teaming up with local government and private partners to come up with solutions to that equation in San Diego."

"Campbell, Calif.-based ChargePoint, which operates the nation's most extensive public car charging network, won a competitive bidding process to help provide 206 electric vehicle charging stations at multi-unit dwelling locations in San Diego. The effort is backed by $500,000 in Energy Commission funding, derived largely from surcharges on motor vehicle registration fees and smog abatement fees."

"San Diego Gas & Electric and the City of San Diego will help identify owners of apartment buildings, condominium associations and mixed-use projects which have a need for charging stations."

"Successful applicants get free charging equipment and two years of charging-network services, but must pay for the installation."

This is clearly a win-win situation for plug-in vehicle owners in the selected multi-family units in San Diego.

But what about the rest of us who reside in multi-family units?

There are several challenges, including restrictive home- and condo-association rules that perhaps disallow running cords out of windows and to your park EV.  Then, there are costs to consider, such as installation costs for landlords to install wiring to carports that may be 100s of yards away.  This doesn't even include the cost of the charger, which would be cheap in comparison to what it would cost to get the wiring to a far-off parking location.

There's billing for electricity, which becomes tricky unless a separate meter is installed.

And all sorts of other "issues" related to apartment/condo charging of plug-ins.

Now, it's not fair to say that all apartments and condos could install chargers, but Plug In America put out a video on this topic of apartment and condo dwellers charging electric vehicles some two years ago and the case is made to get charger in as many of these multi-family homes as possible. We've included the video/panel discussion for your listening/viewing pleasure below:

Source: UT San Diego

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