We've got our hands on the latest  preliminary sales data from Renault after the first ten months of 2013.

The French company, which seems the most involved in EVs of all the European automakers (sorry BMW), sold over twice as many electric cars as in 2012. And this is despite Fluence Z.E. sales collapsing after Better Place went out of business.

Growth rests on the shoulders of Renault ZOE, because Kangoo Z.E. sales grew just 6% YTD.

Over 7,500 ZOEs were delivered this year, including some small number of a mystery light commercial van (LCV) version. In October, over 900 ZOEs were sold - this is still less than the Nissan LEAF in Europe and roughly 4-5 times less than LEAF worldwide, which mean that at this rate, Renault will never catch up to Nissan.

Sadly, when we will count all vehicles, including Twizy, the situation is much worse. This is because Twizy is stuck at one third of 2012 sales. It is curious that in October, the largest market for summer-loving Twizy was Sweden with 73 units! Second was Germany with 64, and third Italy with 48. France took fourth - 46 units.

Renault EV Sales After 10 Months of 2013

Renault EV Sales After 10 Months of 2013

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