The EV grin is spreading to the water with the launch of some flashy custom electric boats by a company called New Electric.

Electric Boats Bring on the EV Grin

Electric Boats Bring on the EV Grin

New Electric custom builds these pure electric bundles of wave-hopping joy and says the instant torque is something you just have to expeirence on the water to get a true feel for what electric brings to the boating paradise.

Right now, New Electric is featuring 2 custom-built boats.  Here's a rundown on what each one offers:

  • The Ray Wright Delta is an aluminum hull boat with a lithium-ion battery pack and a HPEVS 35X2 AC motor.  The motor puts out 126 horsepower and 257 pound-feet of torque.
  • The Nedcraft Silverback  features a DC motor and is a throwback boat made to resemble something you would have routinely seen on the water back in 1920s.
As for range, there's no word on that from New Electric, though we suspect that both range and run time are extremely difficult to put exact numbers on when the mode of transport is on the water.

Price?  Again, these boats are custom-made, so the price varies wildly depending on how you option it.  Figure at least $70,000 and upwards of $130,000 if tricked out.

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