Connection Cut

Connection Cut

It's been confirmed that Better Place is for sale once again. According to Globes' latest reports:

"Better Place is back up for sale after the Supreme Court rejected a petition by Tsahi Merkur and his company Success Assets to delay the Central District Court ruling to cancel the sale of the electric car venture, which is in liquidation."

Ouch.  Oh well, maybe the third time's the charm.  But will someone after Sunrise and Success Assets actually make one more gamble to get Better Place?

The problem with the Better Place sale is that it's more urgent to secure a deal now because Israel Electric Corporation will soon disconnect all of the charging points.

Renault Fluence Z.E. owners can contact Israel Electric Corp directly by October 29 and pay charging bills by that method, but if that's not done then those owners will no longer be able to use the chargers.

“Israel Electric Corporation has done all it can to reach an arrangement to establish a payment plan with the various parties, among them the various buyers, but has not, to date, received the payments for the debts that accumulated, and continue to grow,”

“IEC makes it clear that it will be forced to cut off electric service to customers who do not make contact by this date - without further notice,”

What in the world will Fluence Z.E. owners do without access to those public chargers or battery swapping?

Source: Globes

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