Is driverless, wireless charging around the corner?

Let the Satellite Guide Your EV

Let the Satellite Guide Your EV

Probably not, but what Denso displayed recently in Japan at the 20th World Congress on Intelligent Transport Systems was precisely that.

Denso's prototype system used smartphones and global positioning satellites to move self-driving electric vehicles to wireless charging pads.

The system is only designed to move vehicles over short distances (like across a parking lot or from the charger to a nearby curb spot on the street), but there's something we see here that truly intrigues us.

If wireless charging becomes the norm, then a system like Denso's would be hugely beneficial for owners of EVs.

Why? Say you park your EV in a lot with several wireless chargers that are all occupied.  When those EVs finish charging, Denso's system moves them away (parks them elsewhere) from the wireless charger and the positions your EV over the wireless charging pad.

All this is completed without driver involvement.  It's an automated process that's controlled basically by the push of a button by the parking lot attendant.  The attendant's job is to observe a screen that shows when the charge is complete and which EV is next in line.

The whole purpose of the system is for overnight charging when apartment and condo dwellers have difficulty charging their EVs.  So, throughout the night, the system works automatically to attempt to get all the EVs charged up by morning.

Sure there are logistical issues to work around, but this could actually work, right?

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