Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

The Tesla Model S is a stunning piece of electric machinery, but is it truly the "easiest car to drive?"

Shift to D and Go...It's As Simple as That

Shift to D and Go...It's As Simple as That

One Wall Street Journal reviewer seems to think so and here's why:

"...the Model S gets so much of the automotive minutiae out of the way that the driver can concentrate on working the steering wheel and pedals — actually driving. You don’t even have to turn the Tesla on. Just get in, shift to “D” for drive and go."

Those are the words of Wall Street Journal writer Jonathan Welsh who goes on to say this:

"The vehicle comes to life as soon as you approach. Doors unlock, dashboard instruments illuminate and by the time you take the wheel the car is ready to roll. There’s no need to turn a key or press a button."

This is not to say that the Model S doesn't have a driver involvement factor.  As Welsh adds:

"The Tesla still lets the driver feel like the captain at the helm, and its huge, intuitive touchpad panel makes it easy to operate and adjust the car’s systems — much easier than with BMW’s i-Drive and similar multilayered, annoying systems from just about every other luxury-car maker. You don’t need to spend nights in the garage with your face buried in a thick owner’s manual before feeling comfortable driving the Tesla across the country."

Isn't that the way all automobiles should be?  Or do you prefer spending countless long nights pouring over the owner's manual?

Source: Wall Street Journal

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