Lightning SuperBike connected to DC fast charger

Lightning SuperBike connected to DC fast charger

It seems that Lightning Motorcycles joined the SAE combo charging standard alliance by introducing, at Sacramento International Auto Show, the possibility of quick charging its electric motorcycle.

In the photos, we see Efacec's charger, which on the right side has a CHAdeMO plug and on the left a CCS plug.

According to Lightning Motorcycles' Facebook page, the power of DC should reduce charging time to fifteen minutes.

"Filling up at the Sacramento International Auto Show."

"We could do a full charge in about 15 minutes with this!"

Lightning Motorcycles isn't the first bike maker to consider quick charging.  That honor goes to Zero Motorcycles, who offers an optional CHAdeMO accessory.

For the time being, we don't know for sure if DC charging is already included in Lightning SuperBike package, but we do know Lightning showed off the capability.

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