WiTricity Wireless Charging

WiTricity Wireless Charging

WiTricity announced that it just secured $25 million in Series E financing from new and existing investors.  When combined with previous investment funding from 2007, WiTricity's total is $45 million.

In its press release, WiTricity is saying that:

"The funding will support the company’s growth strategy as it further develops designs and products for wireless charging in the consumer electronics, electric vehicles, defense and medical device industries, as well as allowing WiTricity to pursue other strategic growth opportunities in the wireless power field."

Does this mean that WiTricity is closer to offering some wireless charging products for electric vehicles? We don't know, but WiTricity has some partnerships deals in the works with companies like Audi, Mitsubishi and Delphi.

WiTricity CEO Eric Giler stated:

“WiTricity’s vision is to usher in a world where wireless power is so ubiquitous, you never have to think about plugging in again. In securing this funding from our investors we are even more effectively positioned to fulfill that vision and deliver game-changing wireless technology to partners and customers around the globe.”

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