With the Tesla Model S a huge success and the launch of the Model X almost upon us, all talk now is Gen III.

Gen III (aka Tesla Model E) was again the center of discussion when Elon Musk spoke to a gathered crowd in Germany.

Musk revealed a few Model E specifics that had not been discussed previously:

  • Model E prototype to be revealed in 12 to 18 months (most like during Q1 of 2015)
  • Model E will have at least 300 km of range (186 miles), but probably closer to 320 km or 199 miles
  • Model E will have a higher capacity battery option
  • Model E will cost approximately half the Model S
Most of the rest of the Model E-specific comments made by Musk are rehashes of what we've heard from either him or Tesla before.

The Model E discussion starts at around the 2-minute mark in the video.

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