Had Renault not been a sponsor of this year's ASVOFF Film Festival - which is a festival about fashion films (shout out to Wikipedia for that tidbit of knowledge), we would never have known there was a short film about the Renault's best selling, all-electric Zoe.

We imagine if Renault knew what Marcus Tomlinson's set out to capture with the Zoe as a feature player, they might have rethought that partnership.

The short 2 minute fashion film is entitled "La Fée Electricité." And thanks to my own Canadian origins I can confidently translate that to mean "The Electricity Fairy."

Although after watching the short, it feels to us like the Electricity Fairy met the director of the Predator series of movies and thought they were kinda cool.  Watch if you dare!

Here is Renault's take on the festival and film:

ASVOFF, short for A Shaded View of Fashion Film, is a globe-trotting event stopping off in 15 major world cities. In mid-October, coinciding with Paris Fashion Week, the sixth edition of the festival set up shop in the Georges Pompidou Centre, with more than 60 short films and a dozen documentaries in competition.

One of the films, La Fée Electricité by Marcus Tomlinson, shows ZOE in an artistic light, offering a visual take on the electric and technological revolution.

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