A code on the books in California means that Biola University's new parking structure will be required to designate 75 "Clean Air Vehicle" spaces.

Biola University's Motto - Yes...It's a Private Christian University

Biola University's Motto - Yes...It's a Private Christian University

The CALGreen code says that all future parking structure built in California are required to have at least 8% of their parking spots set aside for "Clean Air Vehicles."

For Biola University, this means that 75 out of the 939 spot at its new structure must be for "Clean Air Vehicles."

The CALGreen code doesn't require that chargers be installed.  However, Biola University will later fit 40 of the 75 spots with charging stations to comply with future statewide building codes.

The parking structure will be built with chargers in mind.  All conduit and wiring will already be in place for when the charging stations get installed.

Biola says it wants to wait until a single charging standard is decided upon before installing the stations, which to us seems to imply that some will be quick chargers.

Several universities in California have already installed charging stations.  Most of those universities charge on a per-hour basis ($1 to $1.50 per hour of charge).  Biola hasn't yet decided how it'll charge for use of its future charging stations.

Source: Chimes

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