Road debris impales Tesla Model S = National headline news.

Road debris impales non Tesla Model S = Nobody gives a damn.

Here we present the other side of the story.

Dangerous brings us this video of an actual vehicle after being impaled by road debris.  The object that impales the vehicle penetrates straight through the floorboard.  The driver is uninjured, but as you'll soon read in some of the links below, the driver ain't always so lucky.

Below you'll find some additional links (courtesy of Tesla Motors Forum) to some past vehicle impalement stories.

*Fair warning: some of the descriptions of what occurred after the object impaled the vehicle are rather gruesome.

Metal bar skewers door shut

Tourist dies after being impaled by car jack

Metal rod skewers driver's leg

Object penetrates floorboard, then enters driver's leg

Meanwhile, the two Model S sedans that were impaled by objects never resulted in reported injuries to the occupants of either of those vehicles.

Source: Tesla Motors Forum

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