B-Class Electric Drive Has Tesla Inside

B-Class Electric Drive Has Tesla Inside

Finally, we've got a ballpark price for the 2015 Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive.

B-Class Electric Drive

B-Class Electric Drive

As we predicted in the past, the B-Class could become the BMW i3's main competitor if Mercedes-Benz priced it right.

Well, it now seems that Mercedes-Benz is taking direct aim at the i3.

Quoting CNET:

 "Mercedes-Benz does not have a price determined for the B-class Electric Drive yet, but a spokesperson said it would likely be in the low 40s. After government incentives, that would put the price in the low to mid-30s, not bad for any Mercedes-Benz model."

"In the low 40s" put the B-Class Electric Drive in the exact same price region as the pure electric version of the BMW i3.  We suspected Mercedes-Benz would match the i3's price to steal away sales from BMW as the two are head-to-head competitors in almost every segment.

This price move will certainly put pressure on i3 sales, especially since the B-Class has several added benefits that the general consumer likes:

  • Seating for 5
  • Conventional exterior design
  • Vast cargo hold

    B-Class Electric Interior

    B-Class Electric Interior

  • Ample rear leg room
While the i3 may very well be the better overall vehicle, the M-B has the chance of appealing to a far larger group of potential buyers.

Let's not forget that the B-Class Electric Drive has "Tesla inside," which we think might even draw some Model S owners to it who are seeking to add one more electric to their garages.

Below we'll highlight some other known facts on the B-Class Electric Drive:

“…B-Class ED will be available starting summer 2014 at authorized Mercedes-Benz dealers in select states — CA, CT, MD, OR, NJ, NY, RI and VT — and then nationwide in early 2015.”

  •  0 to 62 mph in 7.9 seconds
  • 28 kWh battery pack
  • Range ~ 90 miles
  • 174 hp
  • 228 pound feet of torque
  • Top speed 100 mph
  • 10 kW charging capability
A lot to like, we think.  If that price truly stays "in the low 40s", then Mercedes-Benz will no doubt have a hit on its hands.

Source: CNET

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