Mitsubishi has elected to launch its Outlander PHEV in the UK a year or so ahead of its planned US launch.

Outlander PHEV

Outlander PHEV

Recently, Mitsubishi stated this in regards to the 2015 US launch of the Outlander PHEV:

“The reason for this vehicle being introduced in 2015 rather than in 2014 is because we have received overwhelming demand from Japan and Europe and the battery supply unfortunately cannot keep up with the demand.”

Mitsubishi then followed that up with this comment sent directly to us at InsideEVs:

“The PHEV is expected to arrive in CY (calendar year) 2015 and the delay is indeed due to lack of battery supply…”

But for some odd reason, Mitsubishi will launch the Outlander PHEV in the UK in March of 2014.  At the very least, that will be 9 months before it arrives in the US.  At the most, the UK will get the Outlander PHEV some 21 months ahead of the US.

Mitsubishi Slide Illustrates Production Changes For The Outlander PHEV

Mitsubishi Slide Illustrates Production Changes For The Outlander PHEV

There's no denying that the Outlander PHEV has been a huge sales hit in Japan.  Once Mitsubishi sorted out some battery issues and kicked up production, the Outlander PHEV flew off dealer lots there, so much so that Mitsubishi had to up production substantially (see image).

Of note, the Outlander PHEV is available in select Europeans countries, though the UK is not on that select list.  Next March, the UK will see the arrival of its first Outlander PHEVs.

Mitsubishi has not yet committed to a figure for the amount of Outlander PHEV it will send to the UK, though we suspect it will be quite low due to the UK's lack of love for plug-ins.

While we'd rather see the Outlander PHEV arrive in the States prior to the UK, we understand what Mitsubishi is doing.  The US demand for this vehicle will be incredibly high and there's no way that Mitsubishi can fulfill that demand at this time.  By waiting until 2015, Mitsubishi should have enough extra Outlander PHEV stock to keep up with what we suspect will be a huge American appetite for this vehicle.

On a side note, Mitsubishi released UK-specific figures for the Outlander PHEV.  We've listed those specs below:

  • 148 mpg on the combined cycle
  • 44 g/km of CO2
  • Exempt from London's Congestion Charge
  • Electric-only range of 32 miles
  • Overall range of 514 miles
  • Total power of 220 hp.
  • Top speed of 75 mph in electric mode
  • Top speed of 106 with gas engine firing

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