Normally, we are accustomed to reporting on things like the plug-in passenger vehicle space, electric bikes, or even the charging infrastructure around the world.

This is a little different - electric utility vehicles.   Or what some might call glorified golf carts.

But make no mistake, these vehicle serve more than the needs of just the lazy golfer, as the video interview by ADS Tactical (above) demonstrates.  These low speed mini haulers serve everything from commercial business to the military.

Polaris says the GEM em1400 utility vehicles is now "ready for order" through all 280 of its authorized GEM dealers in North America.

"The entire GEM team is extremely excited to bring the all-new eM1400 to the market. This vehicle was purpose built for customers who want a light electric utility vehicle that is rugged, durable, and tackles work applications." said Tim Blinkhorn, General Manager for GEM.

Some background on what the GEM eM1400 can deliver:

  • 7.0 horsepower AC motor
  • 1,400 lb payload
  • independent rear suspension and front IFS MacPherson Strut
  • 1,250 lb towing capacity
  • top speed is a non-sound barrier threatening 19 mph

GME em1400 w/Full Box Option

GME em1400 w/Full Box Option

Other factory option are available to customize your ride, from removable bed sides to a fully enclosed payload box.  Pricing starts from $9,999.

Polaris says the GEM eM1400 has a range of up to 45 miles per charge.  And because the EPA rating system is not at play with vehicles such as this, we have to assume this is a best case scenario. Well, that and even Polaris says the following:

"...(range) depends on temperature, grade, payload and driving style"

The whole GEM lineup can be found at the company's website here, and all vehicles come with 2 year "base" warranty.  Company video on the em 1400 below.

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