Yes...the US Military is starting to back electric vehicles in a big way.

Site of the DoD's EV Conference

Site of the DoD's EV Conference

From the purchase of dozens of electrics for use at bases, to the install of chargers at various US Military sites, the Armed Forces are coming onboard.

To highlight the Military's commitment to electric vehicles, Dr. Camron Gorguinpour, director of the Department of Defense's vehicle-to-grid pilot project, will talk at an event hosted by Drive Oregon at Kell’s Irish Pub ( Irish pub is where all of the most candid EV discussions obviously occur) on Thursday afternoon.

Gorguinpour's topic of discussion is "Electric Vehicles in our Nation’s Military: An Inside Perspective."

The discussion is open to the general public, which isn't often true when the Military is involved.

For more info on the discussion, as well as on how to attend, follow this link.


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