First Outlander PHEVs Roll Off The Boat From Mitsu's Okazaki Plant Into Belgium's Zeebrugge Port

First Outlander PHEVs Roll Off The Boat From Mitsu's Okazaki Plant Into Belgium's Zeebrugge Port

As of this week, the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV is now officially on sale in Europe.

Mitsubishi says the first cars are hitting the Netherlands now - via the Zeebrugge port from their plant in Japan (video of landing below).   European production of the plug-in Outlander began in early August, with the Netherlands is the "designated launch country in Europe."

According to the Japanese company, Europe will be the largest market for the plug-in extended range Outlander.

Since pre-orders started last December, more than 10,000 "signed orders" have been received.  Mitsubishi says the roll-out will be a gradual one, as they continue to struggle to match capacity with demand.

"Managing a fine balance between production capacity and overall demand, MMC will launch Outlander PHEV sequentially in Europe, starting with selected PHEV markets (The Netherlands, Nordic countries, etc) from this month onwards."

Mitsubishi says the Eurozone Outlander PHEV is basically the same as the one on sale now in Japan, and only differs "in complying with mandatory EU regulations and with a chassis fine-tuned to better suit European driving style."

Euro specs (NEDC) on the Outlander PHEV were listed as follows by the company:

  • Maximum driving range : 824 km (512 miles)
  • Range in Pure EV Mode : 52 km (32 miles) - look for it to get about 20-22 miles of range on US/EPA standard
  • Fuel consumption : 1.9 l/100 km
  • CO2 emissions : 44 g/km
  • Maximum speed : 170 km/h (105 mph - where legal)
  • Weight: 1,810 kg (3,990lbs)
  • 5 hours – normal charging (230V / 10A)
  • 30 minutes – quick charging / up to 80% (CHAdeMO standard)

However, what makes the Outlander PHEV really special is that it comes in a 4WD utility package, with a max cargo volume of 463 l (VDA method – w/rear passengers) and can tow a whopping 1,500 kg (3,300 lbs).  Try that with your Chevrolet Volt or Tesla Model S!

Of interest:   Due to very high demand and a extended production shutdown caused by earlier difficulties with battery production has delayed the Outlander PHEV in the United States until early 2015.

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