There it is...Volvo's vision of the plug-in vehicle charging future.

Takes Up Like 3 Parking Spots...Maybe 4?

Takes Up Like 3 Parking Spots...Maybe 4?

Only problem is there is no way this could work.

Volvo's Pure Tension Pavilion made its debut in concept form in Italy.  It's the work of designer Alvin Huang and it's part of what Volvo calls Synthesis Design + Architecture.

The idea is that the Pure Tension Pavilion fits in the trunk of the Volvo V60 Plug-In Hybrid and can be deployed to charge to vehicle wherever and whenever you'd like.

It uses solar power to charge, but it seems impossible that such a unit could charge a plug-in with any sort of immediacy.  Solar technology just isn't capable of this, at least not in the format/size employed here.

Alvin Huang issued this statement:

"We are thrilled to have had the chance to see our winning project come to light thanks to Volvo Car Italia. The creation of 'Pure Tension' is proof of how modern and innovative Volvo Cars' mindset is. The Pure Tension pavilion demonstrates performance, form and technology, just like the new Volvo cars."

Ignoring the solar issue, the Pavilion's fatal flaw is its size.  It takes up what appears to be 4 or so parking spots and that just won't work out in the real world.

Vandals would surely destroy it.  Thieves would steal it.  And curios onlookers would surround your vehicle whenever you deploy this charger.  Owning and using this on a regular basis would be a nightmare.

Fortunately, Volvo at least partly agrees with us and has decided to use structure for demonstration only, with no plans for production.  Thanks for realizing it's useless in the real world Volvo.

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