Nissan to lead rapid charge network project

Nissan to lead rapid charge network project

Nissan announced that European Commission gave the green light and green money half of the required €7,358,000 ($10,063,537 US) via TEN-T funding scheme for establishing a rapid charge network across the UK.

The consortium, led by Nissan, aims to establish a Rapid Charge Network (RCN) project of 74 points - 68 in UK, 2 in Northern Ireland, 4 in Southern Ireland (Eire) - by the end of 2014.  The first units should be ready in early 2014.

"When complete, a total of 74 rapid chargers will have been installed, covering more than 1,100kms of major trunk routes and providing EV-friendly links to five seaports and five international airports."

"Running on two priority road axes on the mainland, the network will link major ports and cities including Stranraer, Liverpool, Holyhead, Birmingham, Felixstowe, Leeds and Kingston upon Hull with connections to existing networks in Dublin and Belfast in Eire and Northern Ireland."

Some additional contributions for RCN comes from Renault, BMW and Volkswagen and ESB Ireland's Electricity Supply Board.  All 74 chargers will be multi-standard.

"The units are compatible with cars using 44kW DC CCS, 44 kW DC Chademo or 43 kW AC systems."

Olivier Paturet, General Manager Zero Emission Strategy & Corporate Planning stated:

"Nissan is delighted to be leading this important initiative. The UK's Rapid Charge Network will provide a vital sense of security for all EV drivers, not just those using the award-winning Nissan LEAF, as well as helping to promote the advantages of zero emission mobility to others."

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