Wireless charging of plug-in vehicles seems to be where we're headed at some point in the future.

The advantages of wireless charging are numerous and include ease of use and no need for standardized plugs/connectors.

The disadvantages are lack of efficiency and the need to align the vehicle rather accurately over a the charging pad.

As Qualcomm says, it's only a matter of time before automakers begin producing plug-in vehicle that are wireless charging capable.  Qualcomm CMO, Anand Chandrasekher, says the company is in talks with most automakers and is confident that its system will be used commercially very soon.

Quoting Chandrasekher

"There are a few that are already building with our technology, so within the next few years, hopefully we'll see some of this in market.  "If you're looking for something that's not commercial but in production, the Drayson Racing cars are in production using our technology."

So, wireless charging is already here, but not in a big way yet.  The BIG leap to wireless seems inevitable though and with how easy the video makes it look, we don't see why one wouldn't want to charge wirelessly versus plugging in.

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